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2.Queen Maha Maya

Posted by myanmarpedia on September 27, 2007

<table border=2 width=100px align=right><tr><td style=”text-align: left; width:0″ valign=”top”>
I. Immediate family of the Buddha
<a href=>1.King Suddhodana(father)</a></br>
<a href=>2.Queen Maha Maya(mother)</a><br>
<a href=>3.Maha Pajapati Gotami(aunt and foster mother)</a><br>
<a href=>4.Yasodhara(cousin and wife) </a><br>
<a href=>5.Rahula(son)</a><br>

II. Male Disciples
<a href=>6.Sariputta(first chief male disciple) </a><br>
<a href=>7.Moggallana(second chief male disciple) </a><br>
<a href=>8.Ananda(cousin and personal attendant)</a><br>
<a href=>9.Maha Kassapa(preserver of the Dhamma) </a><br>
<a href=>10.Anuruddha(cousin and foremost in divine eye) </a><br>
<a href=>11.Maha kaccana(foremost in explaining deep and complex sayings ) </a><br>
<a href=>12.Bakkula(foremost in good health and longevity) </a><br>
<a href=>13.Sivali(foremost in obtaining monastic requisites) </a><br>
<a href=>14.Angulimala(murderer turned saint) </a><br>
<a href=>15.Nanda(stepbrother) </a><br>
<a href=>16.Devadatta(cousin and brother-in-law)</a><br>

III. Female Disciples
<a href=>17.khema(first chief female disciple) </a><br>
<a href=>18.Uppalavanna(second chief female disciple) </a><br>
<a href=>19.Bhadda Kundalakesa(debating nun, foremost in quick understanding) </a><br>
<a href=>20.Patacara(foremost in discipline) </a><br>
<a href=>21.Sundari Nand(stepsister) </a><br>
<a href=>22.Bhadda Kapilani(foremost in recollecting past births) </a><br>
<a href=>23.Kisa Gotami(foremost in wearing coarse rag-robes) </a><br>
<a href=>24.Isidasi</a><br>
<a href=>25.Sona(foremost in effort)</a><br>

IV. Royal Patrons
<a href=>26.king Bimbisara  </a><br>
<a href=>27.Queen mallika</a><br>
<a href=>28.King Pasenadi</a><br>
<a href=>29.Queen Samavati</a><br>

V. Lay Disciples
<a href=>30.Anathapindika(chief male lay disciple)</a><br>
<a href=>31.Visakha(chief female lay disciple) </a><br>
<a href=>32.Citta(foremost lay disciple in teaching the Dhamma) </a><br>
<a href=>33.Rohini(cousin of the Buddha) </a><br>
<a href=>34.Jivaka(physician)</a><br>
<a href=>35.Ashin-upagotes</a><br>


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