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Posted by myanmarpedia on September 27, 2007


Type of monument : Type III Temple
Location : North of Minnanthu village
Region : Myinkaba
Built by : King Kyanzittha
Date : A.D 1102
Monument No :
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Abeyadana temple was built during A.D
1102-1103. The temple is located at the north of the royal
palace of King Kyanzittha. It is a temple of classical
architecture, bases square and large porch in north where there
lies a central pillar, and then a great sitting Buddha.
Paintings are the true treasure of this temple and they are rich
of teaching on the atmosphere of Bagan of the ancient time.

The history of this temple says, while Kyanzittha sheltered at Nagayon during his flight from
Sawlu, his wife Abeyadana waited for him a short distance away. At
that site he subsequently built this temple, which is similar in
plan to the Nagayon. The name of the temple was given after King
Kyanzittha's first queen "Abeyadana", whom he married while he was
still a young warrior.

Abeyadana meaning the "abandoned jewel" was a
follower of Mahayana Buddhism since the frescoes on the outer walls
can be seen with images of the Hindus Gods like Indra, Shiva and
Vishnu. The inner shrine contains a large, brick-built seated
Buddha, but the fine frescoes are the main interest here. Of the
many Buddha niches lining the walls, most are empty. Some contain
bodhi-sattvas and Hindu showing a Mahayana influence accredited to
the tastes of Kyanzittha's Bengali bride.



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